This week’s features landscape project is a Bubbling Rock Fountain at the Loeks’ Summer Residence on Lake Michigan.

The Garden was created out of a little used area, originally consisting of stone walls with a trickling stream, located in a wooded area of high canopy shade trees. The goal was to create an inviting sitting area with a fountain as the featured accent. A natural stone fountain was chosen over a more finished look to better blend with the natural setting. The challenge of this project was to combine older existing elements with new materials in a way that appeared as though it were all built at the same time.


The garden was designed in a circular pattern surrounding the fountain. Reclaimed street pavers were laid in a herringbone pattern to form the sitting area. The fountain was built out of natural bluestone stacked horizontally for a layered effect. After the stone was set, a hole was drilled through the center for the water to reach the top. The water flow off the top of the stone creates a varied stream, different on each side of the fountain, ending with a soft splash into the pool below. Three curved wooden benches finish the sitting area.


John Loeks was extremely pleased with the hard work and creative effort of the Knapp Valley crew and said that we definitely met his expectations for the new fountain area.