The one job that never goes away is the need to weed, prune, deadhead, and the general cleanup of garden beds. At Knapp Valley we offer a service that covers these sometimes overwhelming tasks. Our maintenance team will get to know you and your garden to help develop a plan that fits both needs.  Whether it be one visit at the beginning and end of the year or a visit once every two weeks we can help keep your gardens looking good.

Weeding and Deadheading

            Though weeding and deadheading may be simple tasks, sometimes the amount of work exceeds one’s ability to complete it well. At Knapp Valley we offer our services of bed maintenance to complete small to large weeding/deadheading jobs. Our maintenance crew has years of experience knowing what is and what is not a weed. Also, they have been trained to know what to cut back and when to deadhead each perennial to keep your garden bed looking good all year round. With our maintenance teams’ help you need not worry about weeding and deadheading, our crew will deal with it for you.


            To keep the plants healthy around your home pruning is a necessary task, but what do you do when you are not sure how to prune a tree or how much to take off of a shrub? You can call Knapp Valley and we will send out or maintenance crew to do if for you. The crew is well experienced in dealing with all sorts of pruning jobs. From the smallest shrubs to larger trees our crews have dealt with most types of pruning jobs. For instance: Do you have shrubs that cover your windows? Or Shrubs that are twice as large as you like them? Or are there plants that have grown too tall you cannot see the plants behind them? Or do you have plants that are rubbing on your house causing unnecessary damage? In all of these cases we can help.

At this Grand Rapids home all of these problems were occurring, so a Knapp Valley crew was called in to care for all the pruning needs.

One of the landscape beds Knapp Valley cleaned up at this home

At this home, windows were blocked in some areas and several plants were overgrown. The plants were brought back down to a good size and shape to allow the homeowner to have views from their windows and be able to see deeper into their garden beds.