You have probably noticed the gigantic and gorgeous saucer-sized flowers in front of Knapp Valley Gardens and as you are out and about around town.  No they are not UFO’s—they are Hibiscus!

Hibiscus are beautiful tropical-looking plants that deliver large, traffic-stopping blooms in late July-early August.  Here at Knapp Valley, our Hibiscus plants are a native perennial variety.  They should be planted outdoors in full sun, but a bit of shade during the heat of the day will yield bigger flowers.  Hibiscus should not be allowed to dry out, especially in hot weather.  They prefer deep soil, so organic matter and mulch on top help to maintain a constant moisture level, and good drainage is very important.  Feed your hibiscus 2 or 3 times a year with a good all-purpose organic fertilizer.  Cut them back in the spring or fall, but the seedheads do provide winter interest in the garden and can be used in dried flower arrangements.  Here at Knapp Valley Gardens, our favorite variety of Hibiscus is Blue River II because it is very hardy, reliable and pest resistant. As a bonus, Blue River II will reward you with large, showy pure white blooms year after year!

Enjoy exotic flowers in your garden—plant a showy Hibiscus!