Design Process

Design Process
Working together we can turn your ideas into the outdoor living space of your dreams. Our design process will help you realize your vision for your property by combining your ideas with our expertise in landscape design and construction techniques. We can offer a variety of design solutions ranging from lists of site appropriate plants and quick conceptual sketches, to more detailed master plans which include elements like entryways, patios, and personalized outdoor living spaces.
We ask all new clients to fill out our design survey before we meet. If there is a specific look or feel that you are seeking, use websites like Houz and Pinterest to find images that will help us to share that vision. This information helps to ensure a productive and efficient initial meeting.

Initial Consult
A landscape designer will meet with you at your home, evaluate the site and talk about your goals using information provided in the design survey. This typically takes about one hour after which the designer will provide a cost for creating a landscape design. This cost varies depending upon the complexity of the project, custom features, and amount of time required to create an accurate base plan.

Site Documentation
After the meeting, we will take measurements and photograph the existing landscape. If available, we ask for a copy of the mortgage survey to help us create a more accurate base plan and speed up the design process.

Preliminary Concept
Some projects may require a conceptual design to move the design process forward. A preliminary plan outlining the bed spaces and hardscape elements may be presented to help narrow in on a final design. Your designer will review these with you before moving into the final design phase.

Final Design
The final landscape design is presented here at Knapp Valley Gardens, our beautiful nursery. During the meeting, the designer may show  you plant material and hardscape elements specified in the design. You will also be provided with a comprehensive estimate for installation. If desired, an estimate for a phased approach to the landscape installation can be created giving you the flexibility you may need to get the landscape of your dreams. The designer will remain the primary contact for clients during the installation phase, making sure that your vision is carried through the entire process.