Summer  2010 has gone by quickly at Knapp Valley Gardens—we always stay busy—despite the heat!

August is vacation time for many folks, but it is also time to accomplish some important chores  in the garden. Here is a list of tasks for your “to do” list.

1.    If you are thinking about doing some fall planting, now is the time to plan the project and decide on what plants to use.

2.    Consult bulb catalogs and order your favorite varieties that can be planted this fall.

3.    Plan any changes in your perennial plantings.  Autumn is a good time for moving and dividing them.

4.    Make notes on this season’s garden so that you can get an ideas of what you would like to do (or not) next year.

5.    You can sow seeds of cool weather crops like radishes, Swiss chard, kale, carrots and lettuce.

6.    Plant late blooming perennials like Helianthus, Heliopsis and Rudbeckia, which provide nice color in the fall landscape.

7.    Feed summer annuals and container plants with a good all-purpose fertilizer.

8.    Give spring-flowering shrubs their last feeding of the season.

9.    Keep harvesting those delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs—enjoy their freshness!

10.    Remove faded rose flowers and hips.  Feed roses for their final fall flowering and keep watering them during the hot weather.

11.    In hot weather, water early in the morning.  Otherwise, the water will evaporate before the plants can use it.  Also, use a sprinkler that produces large drops of water instead of a fine mist.

12.    Continue to dead-head (trim off) spent flowers—and keep weeding!

13.    Now is a good time to check your hose connections, pipes and valves for leaks—you don’t want to waste precious water!

Whew—that seems like a long list!  Remember to take a break, drink lots of water and enjoy nature’s bounty…