Ornamental Grasses in the Garden

Ornamental grasses have become increasingly popular over recent years. They provide a wide array of functions in gardens and landscapes. They can be used as backdrops, borders, screens, accents, ground cover, and erosion control. There are hundreds to choose from with... read more

Dried Flower Arrangements

The girls in the garden center have been busy putting together lots of dried arrangements! Check out some of their fun creations below! Dried flower arrangements preserve nature’s beauty for year round appreciation. Why not try making one of your own? Or come on... read more

Help! Deer Are Ruining My Garden!

One of the most common problems people come to us with is that deer are eating all of their plants! What plants can you put in your garden that are deer resistant? What method works best for keeping deer out of your yard? There are several plants that are... read more

Backyard Makeover: Waterfall & Pond

Water features can add a real tranquility to a setting. This home had a beautiful backyard to begin with, but the homeowners wanted the sound and beauty of a water feature. The plan was to install a waterfall and pond and was expanded to include a bluestone path from... read more

Before & After: Bluestone Patio

A couple called Knapp Valley a few weeks before the fourth of July with hopes to have a natural bluestone patio designed and installed at their lake house in time for a holiday get together with friends and family. Knapp Valley came through with flying colors and had... read more

Proven Winners

Make gardening easier with Proven Winners plants. PW are known for their high-quality, high-performing plants. Their team of professional horticulturists chooses only the best plants to become Proven Winners. Plants are carefully bred, evaluated and selected in a... read more

Feature Landscape Makeover

This feature landscape job shows a complete transformation of a yard. The landscape surrounding the home was filled with overgrown and unattractive vegetation. To make over the yard, all old vegetation was removed and new landscape beds were installed. A beautiful... read more

Tips For Planting During the Summer Months

Having been in the landscape business for over three decades we have learned a thing or two about planting. We have to do plantings when it is convenient for us and our clients and not necessarily when the plants prefer it. We have many tricks that we apply for... read more

Gardening in the Shade

We all seem to have those trouble spots in our gardens that have more shade than sun so we are left wondering what to plant in those areas. Well for shade gardens there are actually multiple plants that can be added to add color and shape to create a splendid garden... read more

Jay F. Jones Mobiles

Peaceful…Tranquil…Hypnotic… Combining the beauty of copper with the inspiration of Alexander Calder, JF Jones strives to create dynamic and aesthetically pleasing sculpture. His mobiles are solid copper and suitable for indoors or out and with only a... read more