Pine Needle Shedding

Every year about this time we get many calls about needles turning brown and shedding on various species of Pine trees. Needle drop is a natural occurring plant cycle and should not cause alarm. This is mainly an issue for white pine and Scotch pine. You will also... read more


Stop by & check out our selection of: *Mums *Carving Pumpkins *Heirloom Pumpkins *Gourds *Hay Bails *Ornamental Grasses *Corn Stalks *Broom Corn &... read more

Before & After: The Preserve

 The Preserve is a condominium community located on Cannonsburg Rd just east of Northland Dr. The intent of this design was to tie in the new landscape with the natural beauty of the area. The before picture shows the area just after the boulders were placed and... read more

Le Primitif Oil Drum Art

Le Primitif Galleries’ steel oil drum art is one of Haiti’s most unique art forms. Steel drums that were once used for transporting oil are turned into magnificent works of art. The art form began in Haiti in the late 1950’s with a blacksmith named Georges Liataud,... read more

Reseeding Damaged or Bare Lawn Areas

Till or loosen soil to a depth of 3-4 inches, removing stones and debris. Top-dress with new soil as needed.                                                       Apply a starter or basic quick release fertilizer like 12-12-12. One pound should cover approximately 100... read more

Mulch Madness!!!

Time to get things looking nice again after the long winter. What makes a yard look better than some fresh mulch?! Benefits of Mulching Mulch gives your landscape a well kept manicured appearance.  Mulch helps the soil retain moisture.  Mulch controls and slows weed... read more

Fall Fun!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall so far! We sure are over here at Knapp Valley! We are packed full with all of our fall favorites! Carving Pumpkins Heirloom Pumpkins Mini Pumpkins Gourds Indian Corn Corn Stalks Broomcorn Mums Aster Flowering Cabbage Kale... read more


We recently had the privilege of working with a couple of artists from Indiana, Chad Copeland and Alyssa Banas on their ArtPrize entry. Chad called us a couple months back and asked if we would donate some stone for the pond feature part of their art entry. Knapp... read more

Maintenance for Your Garden

The one job that never goes away is the need to weed, prune, deadhead, and the general cleanup of garden beds. At Knapp Valley we offer a service that covers these sometimes overwhelming tasks. Our maintenance team will get to know you and your garden to help develop... read more